Maximize Your Pickup Games

Effortlessly get ideal numbers for your pickup game to consistently create the experience players want while generating maximum income.

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Manage Memberships

Your members can sign up online. Track memberships and easily see who has membership and who is still outstanding.

Schedule Refs, Medics and Volunteers

Assign any type of officials to games easily.
Refs can see their personal schedule and accept or decline games.
Print out work summaries for your officials.

Online Payments

With the built-in store, you can sell all kinds of things -- membership packages, season fees, apparel and other things to promote your club. Take credit cards in minutes with a club paypal account or use one of our other payment integrations.

Schedule Fixtures, Tournaments, Pick-up Games, Practices, Byes, Workouts and General Events

Lots of different sessions happen at your club. Our system is flexible enough to handle lots of different types of events and let you know who can come and who can't make it.

Track Player Availability

Players can receive invites to a game by email or SMS and respond with Yes or No. Captains and league administrators can see who can come and who is out. This allows time to find subs and avoid forfeits.

Give Player Awards

Add something special to your league with Game and Season Awards. Whether it's Player of the Game or Top Scorer for the season, players love collecting awards and being recognized for their accomplishments.

Fully Supported

You need a loyal wing man to help you get around the track. We are always here to help and work with you to get you what you need for your club. Shake and Bake!

On the go or at the game, your schedules, stats and results look pro.

Get the perfect stats website for your sport.

Let us know if your sport isn't here and we will work with you to set it up!

Works with your existing website or as a standalone club website.

Add stats to your existing website...

  • We'll make your XSYTE match the theme of your existing website.
  • Put a "Stats" link on your existing website.
  • Links on your stats site take your members back to your website.
  • Smoooooooth as silk!

Or as a standalone website for your club!

  • Your XSYTE can do much more than stats.
  • Manage memberships and take payments
  • Hold your club content, such as bylaws
  • Communicate with your members with bulk email & SMS

Leagues, Tournaments and Pick-up Games - We got you covered.

Your league humming like clockwork!

Take your league to the next level. Up-to-date schedules and ladders, top scorers, live game results. It's easy and fun.

Hugely Successful Tournaments

Mobile-friendly for all spectators to keep track of all the upcoming match-ups and latest results.

Perfect Pick-Up Games

Get the exact right number of players and goalies to every pickup session without emailing, calling or chasing up attendees! Click here for more

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Check out these awesome reviews!

The site is great for organising people...
such an improvement from this time last year where I wouldn't know who would come week to week and having 20 one week and 40 another
Since I started this we have as close to 30 as I want each week and it is sorted 2 hours after sending out invites.

I like running our seasons on there as I only have to enter everything once and it is uploaded to the site immediately.
Very easy to use and easy to teach to people who have never scored before.

Our site looks awesome!  Once again you guys have done an amazing job.  Thank you!!

Get up and running in minutes!

No long term commitments, cancel any time.

  • Micro
  • FREE
  • Do you run a weekly pick-up game? This is perfect for that.
  • Manage up to 50 players
  • Standard
  • $9 / mo
  • Manage more players with more advanced features.
  • 200 Players
  • Manage and Track Payments
  • Fast-Start Set-Up Service
  • 21-Day Free Trial
  • Pro
  • $29 / mo
  • Get all your games, players and sessions under control and look great doing it!
  • Unlimited Players
  • Fast-Start Set-Up Service
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Player Stats
  • 21-Day Free Trial

Simple, flexible features get you & your players on the same page.

Become the all-knowing hub!

If your organization has sub-organizations, you can connect your sites so your communications hit all your sub-sites, while all game data shows up on the hub!

Know who is coming to the game!

When you know who is coming and who isn't, you can avoid forfiets, goalie-less games and other nightmares!

Responsive and Custom Look Websites

Presentation is everything and SYTE looks awesome across all devices. You get your custom look and make your site, yours.

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