At XSYTE we have done away with tiered pricing because even small clubs need great functionality and great tools to use.
The system resources used usually come with the amount of traffic from large numbers of people all clamoring to look at your website!

Our subscription pricing is based on membership.

Everyone gets 100% of the benefits of XSYTE! 

No set up costs.

Free for clubs with 50 members or less.

$9/mo for clubs with 200 members or less.

$29/mo for clubs with 500 members.

$49/mo for clubs with 1000 members.

$79/mo for clubs with 2500 members.

$99/mo for clubs with 5000 members.

*Text messaging capabilities can be purchased separately.

Store Fees

No added fees for using the store.  

You only pay fees to the credit card service provider you select.
Our current integrations are: 
Pin Payments: 1.75% + $0.30
Pay Pal: 2.0% + $0.30
Bank Merchant solutions using the MIGS Protocol: Rates vary from bank to bank