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Live Scoring

Intuitive live scoring with simple button clicks

The scoring system is automatically updated when the scorer makes a mark on the official score sheet. You avoid data entry mistakes because the system doesn’t require the paper sheet to be logged into the site. So you can keep your fans up to date with every point and track every stat.

Stats & Standings

XSYTE tracks team and player stats automatically

As players score and teams win games XSYTE updates your stats and standings in real time. The latest individual and team stats are available for everyone to see on the website. Using the Match-up page you can compare teams and player stats and see how the competition stacks up.

Take your competitions to the Next Level

Game Awards

Give player of the game awards and keep track of season MVPs.


Know who is coming to games. Help team captains and avoid forfeits.


Set up knockout brackets for great visualization.

Results & Stats

Every win, Every loss, All the stats, automatically logged and displayed after every game.

Team Colors and Logos

Players can upload team logos and colors.

Player Reports

Track player histories and suspensions.

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