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Hi Rich,

I came across your hockey league website and thought you might be interested in providing stats and league standings to your players along with the match results that you currently display. I am an adult hockey player / web developer and believe that one of my free XSYTE websites may be of benefit to you and your league.

Some key features that you might find beneficial are:

  • XSYTE is free, we receive income from discreetly placed google advertising.
  • XSYTE can work with your existing website! Your link for “winter schedule & rosters” would point to your free XSYTE instead of excel spreadsheets.
  • Live scoring - as game data is entered, stats and standings are automatically updated on your XSYTE. Scorers can take advantage of the user friendly scoring system to score games as they happen.
  • Many other features come standard with an XSYTE such as facebook integration, player attendance management.

I have created some example screen shots (below) to show you what your league pages would look like if you were to adopt this system. The design can match your current website and clicking on the top banner would take users back to your main website. 

If you have any questions, I can give you a call at a time that suits you or you can just reply to this email. My website also contains information if you are interested in learning more about what XSYTE can offer you and your league.   

Kind Regards,

Tracy Hocutt
Developer of XSYTE, Free Sports Websites


Example of Season Page

Provide your players with team stats and season statistical leaders.  Use your team logos just like the pros.

Mockup of the Wariors Season Page

Example of Match-Up Page

Players can get a cool head-to-head breakdown of their upcoming games and see opponents leaders!  You can see who is coming to the game and organize subs, if neccesary. 

Mockup of the Wariors Matchup Page

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