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Hello XSYTE Administrators!

We have gone live this morning with a big code upgrade.  Most of the stuff is behind the scenes, but we did an overhaul of the season page and upgraded the stat leaders display.

There are still some tweaks that look like they need to be made... I will be doing some minor stuff to round off the edges.

If you see anything that is broken can you please let me know and I will fix straight away.

The plan is to continue a mobile friendly upgrade of all front-end facing pages and more development of features suggested by you!

Email people involved in a game from the game page

Integration with Facebook Pages

Better reporting for store purchases

Lots more to come...

Thank you so much for your patience and feedback with XSYTE as it is "growing up".  I know there have been glitches but I will be trying to incorporate testing systems in the near future to give more confidence with our releases.

Thanks again and give a shout,


Tracy Hocutt

Founder, XSYTE






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