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A vastly improved game-logging system has now been launched for all XSYTES. Previously, logging a game was affected by lag due to having to wait for pages to load each time a goal was logged, a penalty was entered or a player was added to the roster. Basically, doing anything brought up a new page to do it. Thanks to the power of AJAX we can now score a game with NO page reloading whatsoever!

This has greatly enhanced the process as our users can seamlessly log goals, penalties, manage rosters, and capture goalie stats all in the same page! This will make rinkside scoring much more feasable even with a slow connection as all the processing is done behind the scenes. The new scoring system will cut the time it takes to load gamesheets in half. The new system is even more intuitive and easy to use and will make scoring a hockey game a breeze for our users.

Check out a quick demonstration of how easy it is to use the new gamelogger on YouTube!

Have a great day and happy sports administrating!


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