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Hi guys just thought I'd let you know that the inline tournament we hosted was pretty good for our ads! 

Our adverts made $118 in September alone with just that one tournament.  Then we made $18 in October... back down to earth... but is goes to show that tournaments could be a very good way to get our foot in the door and make some good advertising cash.  Tournaments aren't as likely to be saddled with a website already as they usually only run once a year.  I'm excited to start marketing to tournaments along the lines of we will sponsor you and provide a free website etc etc.  Then we get our foot in the door and away we go.

I have authorized google to make payments into our account.... We have made $268 bucks in ad revenue so far.  This should be deposited soon.

I am in some talks with to run advertising with us for free for a 3-month trial period in exchange for them disclosing how it impacted their sales and how much it would be worth to them.

This could be a good way to see how much we can charge for our quality extremely targeted hockey audience.

I have written an article explaining how our new Game Invitation Service works.  This is the first of a series of these articles to give people something to look at when we talk to them.  You can check it out here:

In any case just thought I'd share an update!  Have a great day -)

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