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Built-In Store

Every XSYTE comes with a built-in store.  This allows you to have your members and visitors purchase items directly off your website.  You can sell virtually anything and can take many forms of payment.  Accept online credit cards using your Paypal account or any other payment gateway.  You can also accept checks, bank deposits or cash.

Registering Members

A special product type exists to register members called a Membership.  Set a membership start and expiry date and when a player purchases the Membership, that membership shows on player rosters.  Using this check, scorers can make sure that players are registered at game time.

Print Membership Cards!  XSYTE comes equipped with a Membership Card printing facility.  Easily print Photo IDs for all your Registered Members.  Team up with local businesses!  Add value to your memberships with local businesses offering deals specifically for your members.  This encourages your members to patronize your supporting businesses.  Everyone wins!

Sell Game Credits Online

Selling games credits online is a great way to ease administrative hassles and give a player a convenient way to pay for games.  No more chasing money on game day or making sure players have paid. 

Game credits can be sold in any way you see fit.  You can sell a whole season of games or sell a pick-up game session.  You can even include free pick-up games when a player purchases a season of games, to get that struggling pick-up session kick-started.  Give players an incentive to buy games in bulk with a reduced rate. 

The game credit system works automatically with the game invitation system, so when a player says Yes I will play this game.  His game gredit will automatically be applied and your manager alerted that the player has already paid.

Late cancellations - Get control back from players who don't show up for games or consistently cancel late.  Using the game credit system, it is up to you to restore or retain a player's game gredit on a case by case basis.

Sell Physical Items and Services

Sell apparrel, shirts, caps, hoodies and jerseys.  Sell coaching clinics.  Sell practice sessions.  You can sell anything you want and having your products online will allow visitors to more easily find what's on offer so there is a good chance that your sales may increase!

Sell Photographs

We have teamed up with Flickr to give your sports photographer a way to easily market his photographs to your players.  This allows your players to view and purchase photos directly off your website whie you can revenue share with your local photographers.


We bill monthly for the use of the store.  Charges are 1% of the sales you make through the store.  However our charges are capped at $10, so you don't have to worry about any big bills.  Even if you sell $15,000 worth of stuff in a big month, the most you will pay is just $10!

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss the sales rates.