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Save time and run better pickup games!

Extra Features to make your life easy!
Participant Messaging

Need to change a last minute detail about the game? Quickly send a message to all participants of a game.

Participant Check-in & Payments

As players arrive, you can check them into the game and manage payment status.


Track attendance numbers for your sessions. Identify best attendees, "No Shows" and more.

Build teams

Easily assign players to teams to create fair games.

Fully Supported

We are there for you when you need us.

Works with your existing website

Simply provide a link from your site to your Pickup games

Who is coming to the game?

Coaches, Players and Administrators love knowing who is coming to games, practices and events.

Avoid forfiets, Increase participation numbers, provide convenient way to indicate availability

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Look like a Pro

Customize fonts, colors, layouts and logos to get the look your club is after.

Your club will look its best on any device.

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