Pickup Manager

Host better games and generate maximum revenue.

Are you ready to get more out of your pickup sessions?

Are you losing cash each day because you aren't consistently packing your pickup sessions?

Most pickup sessions don't have the right number of people attend. This causes a sub-standard game experience, dwindling confidence about the session and a continual loss of profits.

There is a new solution to get consistently ideal attendance numbers, maximize profits and create awesome pickup games without time-consuming management.

So how does it work?

Using our automated system, your most suitable potential players receive game invitations by email. As players respond yes, they are booked in for the game. As they respond no, more players are invited until you get your ideal attendance.

Players get sent an invite automatically.

By clicking yes, they are booked in for the game. If they click No, the next player is invited.

You can see in real time who is coming to the game.

You can see your numbers quickly and easily.

Other Killer Features

Participant Messaging

Need to change a last minute detail about the game? Quickly send a message to all participants of a game.

Participant Check-in & Payments

As players arrive, you can check them into the game and manage payment status.


Track attendance numbers for your sessions. Identify best attendees, "No Shows" and more.

Build teams

Easily assign players to teams to create fair games.

Fully Supported

We are there for you when you need us.

Works with your existing website

Designed to play nicely with others.

Reports to keep you on top of it all.

Get up and running in minutes!

No long term commitments, cancel any time.

  • Tiny
  • FREE
  • 50 Members or Less
  • Small
  • $15 / mo
  • 200 Members or Less
  • 21-Day Free Trial
  • Medium
  • $29 / mo
  • 500 Members or Less
  • 21-Day Free Trial
  • Large
  • $49 / mo
  • 1000 Members or Less
  • 21-Day Free Trial
  • Extra Large
  • $99 / mo
  • 2500 Members or Less
  • 21-Day Free Trial
  • Super
  • $179 / mo
  • 5000 Members or Less
  • 21-Day Free Trial

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Pick-Up Frequently Asked Questions

The site is great for organising people. It is such an improvement from this time last year where I wouldn't know who would come week to week. I would go from having not enough people one week and too many the next. Since I started using XSYTE I have the perfect amount of people each week. And it is sorted out 2 hours after sending out invites.

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