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The XSYTE Mission

At XSYTE, our mission is to bring people together by enabling organizers to run their sports leagues and clubs like a boss with the easiest-to-use, most advanced set of tools in the world.

We love playing sports, watching sports and organizing sports!

Sports have a special way of bringing people together. Providing healthy challenges to individuals and teams and lets people tackle those challenges in their own way. I hope I can help make life easier for those who take the time to enable people to have fun, make those connections and meet those challenges by organizing sports leagues and tournaments.

Through my life I have always had sports to help me learn, make friends and keep me out of trouble! I love you sports!

-- Tracy Hocutt, Founder XSYTE

At 4 I really wanted to be a football player

My mom was an awesome volleyball player, so I wanted to be one too.

Dad had a motorcycle and I had one too!

In high school, my best sport was Softball.

And I got a scholarship to play in the BigTen at Northwestern University.

After college, I needed a new challenge and played in my first hockey game.

10 years later, I moved to Australia and made the Queensland State team. I scored a goal in my very first game! Yeah!

Then I became an Australian citizen and made Team Australia. I scored my first 2 international goals against Poland.

XSYTE was founded by Tracy Hocutt.  In the late 90's / early 2000's, Tracy played ice hockey at a few rinks in California.  Being a web developer, she usually got involved into helping develop a website so the hockey director could manage an online schedule with divisions, teams, players and statistics.  This proved to be a huge hit with the director and the players.  So after building numerous different websites for the different rinks she played hockey at, she developed a solution that could be used at any rink she ended up at.  Eventually she ended up playing hockey in Australia, and guess what? They needed a website.  XSYTE was first deployed for Ice Hockey Queensland in 2008 and is still in use today!  All the while, Tracy has been steadily improving the product and adding key features to help organizers and players have an engaging experience.  As it turns out, lots of different sports need the same features, so XSYTE is catering for other sports as well, not just hockey.  So now, sports organizations all over the world are using XSYTE to run thier sports leagues.

XSYTE was founded in 2008.  It has become an official Australian business in 2015 trading under the name XSYTE Solutions under ABN number 38721302026. 

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